Orake is the new free to play MMORPG! In Orake, there are many things to do, you wont even know where to start. You like being risky? Then go in the "Boneyard", where you can fight other players one on one, but be careful! If you are killed, you will lose all your items. In the Boneyard, there are many things to do: slay ghosts, fight groups of people in the multi-zone, or even explore. Are you a skiller? Orake has 12 skills to train, and more to be added! Do you love to explore? Orake has a massive world that is only getting larger, full of maps and caves to explore. With so much to do in Orake, join now and play for free! Join the Disord now :

We all have questions about everything, that is why you can view our " Wiki " Page. The page is full of provided information on Orake that you will need to know such as monsters and their drops, Item rarity's, Quest information if you are stuck on one, Foods and potions how they could be made in a more brief discussion. You can see the value of any item in the game, and you can view all the Weapons and Armour's that we have available. Anything that you need will be in the Wiki so check out the page!

We also have a " Shop " Page which is new. We only have Membership on the shop at the moment but more will be added in the future. For now we have Lifetime membership but which will only be available for 1 year then the Lifetime option will be gone forever. So get your Lifetime membership on your character before it's gone!

If you want to see more players and watch the game grow even bigger then you can support us by sharing our game on the following social media links below or you can even leave a donation to help the game development grow bigger and better and making the community something great! Join the Disord now :