Game Rules

1. No cheating of any kind. This includes but is not limited to any form of botting, afking, exploiting, hacks, cheat tools, and bug abuse.
2. Impersonating a staff member is strictly forbidden.
3. Scamming of any sort is forbidden.
4. You may only be online on 1 character on 1 account at any given time. (you may however have multiple accounts, as long as they do not interact with each other in any way)
5. Do not advertise other websites or games.
6. Respect each other: no spamming, discriminating, racism, threatening, bullying or other offensive behaviour.
7. (Paying) Members do not get any protection from being punished by breaking the rules. If your account gets banned you have no right on a refund or movement of membership to another account.
8. Talking about botting, or encouraging others to bot is not allowed. If you think someone is botting, notify a moderator.
9. Selling/buying ingame money with real money is not allowed, nor can you sell/buy membership with ingame money.

Punishments  5 Marks captcha, 9 marks ban
1. using any program to bot will give your account 4 marks.
2. Holding "ctrl" and being afk(ignoring an administrator/moderator)will give your account 2 Marks, then 3 marks, then 4 marks
3. Hacking is a ban.
4. Abusing bugs Depending on how bad the bug is. Any glitch to obtain money will be a ban.
5. If you advertise other websites, it is 1 mark on your account.
6. You swear or threaten someone in global chat you will be muted.